Iam tagged…

Since my friend The Alchemist tagged me on her latest blogpost, I couldn’t resist in posting this blogpost and here goes mine…

Last Movie you saw recently (in theater):
Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya: Bit slow. Worth watching for the cinematography.

Last Movie you saw recently (in home theater):
Shutter Island: A physiological thriller & very interesting…
Salt: An english masala. Watched for cutie Angie…
Kola kolaya mundhirika: Movie filled with mokkais to the core.

What book are you reading?
A.P.J.Abdul Kalaam’s “The Scientific Indian”. Was reading, now reading and will be reading still. Hope to complete before he releases another book.

Favorite board game:
Carom. But prefer cards as the no of players are not limited…

Favorite magazine:
AutoCar, Digit, Gadget-World, etc

Favorite smells:
Javadhu & Attar

Worst feeling in the world:
Failures, Embarrassment… Making simple things complicated and getting screwed up…

What is the first thing you think of when you wake?
What day is it? Sat or Sun?

Favorite restaurant:
Saravana Bhavan… Though experimental, hatred towards most vegetables doesn’t allow me to do that…

Favorite child’s name:
Haven’t reached that stage. I am still young 😉

Finish this statement. “If I had A Lot of Money I’d…”
I would buy Dell’s Alienware or Acer’s Aspire Predator GT7700. Coz my immediate requirement is to buy a hi-fi performance PC.

Do you drive fast?
Yes. A Clear high-way, cloudy atmosphere, mild music makes driving a pleasure.

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Nope. Didn’t get a chance so far…

Storms: cool or scary?
Depends on where the storm is…

What was your first car?
Hyundai Santro. But the first car accident was made with Ambassador Car fitted with Isuzu engine. After the incident, the front right portion was beyond recognition.

Favorite drink:
Definitely not beer.

Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would …..”
Sleep more. I enjoy the early morning sleep very much, daily.

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
No, I do not. Broccoli is not part of my “fav” list.

If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
Brown, coz mine is black. But wouldn’t do that because having reached the middle age, my head started to shed hairs slowly and I don’t want to be bald, sooner.

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:
Thanjavur, Kancheepuram, Thiruvannamalai, Thirupattur, Vellor, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore.

Name all the different cities/towns you have visited:
Kumbakonam, Thrichy, Hosur, Bombay, Goa, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Salem, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Munnar, Kottyam, Kumarakom…

Name all the different countries you have visited:
Germany (Karlsruhe), Swizz (Interlaken, Jungfrajoch), France (Paris), Italy (Venice, Rome, Vatican), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi)

Favorite sports to watch:
F1, Cricket, Tennis

Favorite channels to watch:
Discovery, NGC, Fox History, Animal Planet, Star Movies, HBO, WB, AXN.

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:
Alchemist: Very kind and amicable person. But sometimes talks like a lady samiyar.

What’s under your pillow?
LED torch & Google Nexus One.

Would you like to be born as yourself again?
No sure about re-birth. If something happens like that, I don’t want to be myself again. I would prefer to be someone, as I could do something else 😉

Morning person or night owl?
Depends on the movie 😀

Over Easy or Sunny Side Up?

Favorite place to relax:
My room.

Favorite pie:
Anything… preferably Choco. Strawberry didn’t attract.

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Anything based on chocolates

You pass this tag to:
R.G, T.K, B.S & The Alchemist


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Lift lobby…

Most buildings have lift lobbies these days. As the name suggests all lift lobbies will have elevators, predominantly, and few other inconsequential things of not much importance.

The lift lobby that I mention, technically speaking, has six elevators with 3 on each side facing opposite. One side has a large glass panel, while the other side happens to be the entrance to my office. IMG_20100920_162140

It’s the place where my friends and I mark our attendance twice a day for the coffee sessions around 10:30 & 3:30, without fail. Shortest session lasted only for 15 mins, while the longest went beyond 1hr. 

Strategically located in 3rd floor is very convenient for all. Strategically?!?!?! Yes, for the very reason that it is not too high to miss the details of what is happening below and not too close to the ground that you would miss distant happenings.

What attracts us the most in the lift lobby is the view it gives us. The main entrance clearly visible allows us to watch people moving in & out, the road nearby and the distant over-pass always bustling with traffic, headlights gliding slowly as dots during night time and et al.

2010-07-05 15.48.47 Rains always look awesome, particularly when the horizon is engulfed with dark clouds. Be it the heavy ground trashing rain or the droplets formed by the gentle drizzle…they are eye-catcher for sure.


The most common topic always revolves around automobiles as they are the fast & furious. But we don’t restrict us with that, as we also talk much about flight, jet, ship, etc which are always interesting attractive. Most flight, jet or ship fly or sail but here they talk, walk, stroll, giggle and so on. Quite interesting, isn’t it? 😉

We seldom talk about politics, but make important decisions on world economy & peace. Our decisive knowledge ranges from Obama’s decision on American economy till how indo-pak-china links should happen 15 years from now. At times, we even conclude how the IT sector should function to avoid future recessions. Concluding decision are tough jobs, aren’t they? Yepp…but we do that with a professional touch…

Lift lobby is our charging station. No matter how deep one gets into a serious trouble or exhausted to the core, lift lobby re-energizes our spirits. Be it the sad story or the happiest moment we think of sharing, it is done at the lift lobby.

Though tossed across work places constantly by the project needs, we make sure to assemble in the lift lobby as it is the place where we find…….happiness.

Most office, including mine, does have spaces like pantry, cafeteria, etc to rejoice and relieve the daily work tension. But lift lobby still tops the list for few souls like me.

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My First Post…

Phew… Here goes my first post on WordPress… 🙂. Though heard a lot about stuffs like blogs, i never had an intention of having one for myself and finally decided to have. For everything there would be a point of start and for me to start a blog i would say “hmmm…I donno”, coz I really don’t know. But I would point The Alchemist who had been a catalyst for my attempt. Right now, not sure whether to thank her or not as blogging appears to be additional task amidst of my busy schedule 🙂

(You guys have to believe me that I am really busy these days and to be more precise it took a whole week for me to prepare this little post).

If this, my attempt for blogging, goes well i would offer my sincere thanks to The Alchemist. If not….hmmm…well…leave it, coz my friends are always right on decisions 😉 🙂

Actually, i wanted to create a terror in the blogging world with my entry violently. So the title, and hope everybody feels the same 🙂 😀

Test for a good start

This is a test blog by an amateur blogger.  Hope everything goes on well 🙂